My age brings with it many things, The one that I want to share, with those that view my images, is a fresh way, a different way of seeing the many things that many of us overlook as we go about our busy, stimulus filled lives.

When I see something beautiful, a compelling shape, or exquisite light, I think, "I wish everyone could see this."

Through photography, they now can.

 My photographs primarily deal with objects and experiences that I encounter as I go about my daily life. Some will be unique to me, but many will also be familiar to the viewer, as a part of their life; but maybe in a way they have not seen it before. After all, we may take a different route to get to our destination: city streets, highways, or country roads; we may use different modes of transportation: a Honda CRV mini-SUV, a Ford 450 Twin Cab, with exhaust extenders, or Uber; but when we get there we want to see things in a way we have never considered, or are inclined to depending on our backgrounds, temperament, or training.

My photographic equipment through the years has ranged from the leather-cased, twin lens, viewfinder of the early 1950’s, to the Brownies, Polaroids, and eventually to the digital age with a Canon G4 and G11 (the latter I still use on occasion), arriving today to my current equipment: A Canon 5D Mark III that I cherish, not so much because of the optics or electronics, but rather, how it got to me. Judy inherited it from a good & true friend. She allowed me to borrow it for my first class in Photography. That proved to be a turning point.

Now, after classes at Cape Fear Community College, UNCW, the Cameron Art Museum (CAM) , and currently the School of Visual Arts , in NYC, I am ready to share my projects with the world.